Press Release: SponsorPay Continues Rapid International Growth, Strengthens Presence In Turkey

BERLIN, Germany  – SponsorPay, the leading global cross-platform social advertising solution, continues its international expansion by extending its footprint and deepening ties in Turkey.

After recently establishing subsidiaries in the United States and Japan, SponsorPay is now strengthening its presence in Turkey’s lucrative online market. Turkey is one of the most propitious gaming sectors in Europe with the world’s fourth largest Facebook user base and a massive social gaming user base.

In addition to Facebook, the country has successful stand-alone social gaming platforms such as Mynet, with one million daily active users (DAU), and Joygame, a leading online games portal with dedicated Turkish content that has almost half a million daily unique users. Moreover, a European Interactive Advertising Association (part of IAB Europe) study reveals a thriving mobile industry with more than 20% of users – Europe’s highest – accessing the Internet via mobile devices, compared to the continental average of 14%.

SponsorPay has been active in the country for almost three years, but there has recently been a spurt of activity in the games sector that heralds an upcoming tide of growth. When combined with an online audience that is Europe’s most engaged, according to reports from comScore, it presents a wealth of opportunity. “As the burgeoning gaming, mobile and online marketing industries in Turkey converge, we see tremendous potential for advertisers – especially in the branding and engagement domain,” said Andreas Bodczek, CEO and co-founder at SponsorPay.

“Sustainability and quality are the most important factors in the Turkish market. That’s why our presence here has been getting progressively stronger,” added Afşın Avcı, Country Manager of Turkey, who leads SponsorPay’s local team that was at Webrazzi Summit, the country’s preeminent internet conference, in Istanbul last week.

SponsorPay has close cooperation with leading advertising networks in the region. Together, these entities have been able to tap into the extensive reach of the entertainment sector and are well poised to take advantage of the next wave of expansion. “We are carrying our successful partnership with SponsorPay in Germany to the Turkish market,” commented Murat Kalafat, Country Manager for Turkey at zanox, one of Europe’s largest performance advertising networks, who grew their own Turkish footprint earlier this year by opening a branch office in Istanbul.

“SponsorPay is the easiest and most engaging channel for Joygame users to earn JoyPara and get the utmost enjoyment from our games,” remarked Ozan Aydemir, SHR Group Marketing Director. “SponsorPay’s highly effective distribution techniques enable us to deliver the best possible results to our clients. We look forward to expanding our collaboration,” said Emre Burdurlu, Managing Partner of GelirOrtaklari, one of Turkey’s leading advertising networks.


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