SponsorPay Engaging Audiences at Advertising Week Europe

SponsorPay took the stage at the BAFTA headquarters in London this week to capture the attention of attendees at Advertising Week Europe, the world’s premier gathering of marketing and communications leaders.

Yesterday, our very own Andy Bibby led a lively panel discussion on “How to engage consumers in a multi-platform world.” Ideas flew between panelists on how the advertising world can evolve with the new notion of engagement advertising. The panelists agreed that multi-platform advertising is a challenge to manage successfully. From the discussion, attendees learned that advertisers should be experimental to find out what works – that means early testing and pursuing the best-performing marketing strategy.

Another panelist stressed that in order to engage with customers successfully you need to know as many of your customers as possible. The discussion heated up on the topic of collecting social data to improve customer targeting with one panelist admitting the advertising industry has still not figured out the most clever way to use data. Watch the panel below.

SponsorPay was also chosen –from an applicant pool of more than 20– to present along with three other innovative companies at the AW NEXT: SOCIAL event organised by DMR Partners in collaboration with Dennis Publishing. The judges were impressed by SponsorPay’s success to date and asked our presenter, Projjol, to “inspire” them by explaining the company’s vision and how it can be taken to the next level. SponsorPay comes in at the 40:28 mark of the video below.

Lastly, Andy joined representatives from Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Criteo and other leading technology companies on a panel earlier today. The “Masters of Monetisation” group, moderated by David Pemsel, Chief Commercial Officer of Guardian News & Media, discussed the challenges facing the publishing industry and how innovative forms of advertising could help alleviate revenue issues for content creators.

Check out the pictures below and share your ideas!

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