SponsorPay Takes The Stage At The Euruko Conference

Simon Kröger, VP of Technology, and Grzegorz Witek, our Software Developer, gave a presentation on “killing unicorns” at the Euruko Conference, an annual conference that focuses on the Ruby programming language.

SponsorPay caught the attention of the Euruko Conference because of the solution our developers found to manage the huge amount of traffic the SponsorPay application receives from users. With such a large number of requests, maintaining performance is a number one priority for SponsorPay developers. Simon and Grzegorz explained to the Euruko audience how SponsorPay’s developers took on the challenge by abandoning their original concept of Ruby server applications – in coder language known as “Unicorns” – and replaced them with a multi-threaded environment.

SponsorPay gathered to support Simon and Grzegorz during the live stream presentation. We could not be more proud of them! Enjoy the video of the presentation below.

Video streaming by Ustream

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