SponsorPay’s Juan Vidal Creates Hascore to Help Prospective Employees Find Product Development Jobs in Berlin

Here at SponsorPay, many of us are engaged in interesting endeavors outside of the walls of our (admittedly, very cool) offices. Our Lead Developer, Juan Vidal, saw a void in the job hunting market so he took it upon himself to offer up a solution by creating Hascore, a web portal listing the best Internet-based companies in Berlin, to help those involved with product development land a new gig.

One of the coolest features is the map (pictured above) that shows exactly where each job position is located in Berlin so you can even pinpoint what street you could be working on. Hascore also provides other valuable information including companies’ photos and links to their GitHub repositories as well as lists of ‘most wanted’ skillsets across all employers.

Currently, there are nearly 300 startups posted on the website. Not only is the aim of Hascore to help developers in their search for jobs, but also to provide intelligent insights to ensure each job hunter finds the best position possible.

We wish Juan the best of luck with this venture and are excited to watch it grow!

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