Take control of your user engagement

Fyber’s new Reporting API puts even more control over monetization and user engagement squarely into publisher’s hands. Detailed data with breakdowns for networks, ad impressions, and pre-calculated KPIs mean you have instant visibility over what is working and where you can improve. Could there possibly be a reason to put off migrating another day?

What’s New

The new API includes a wide range of publisher, application, and unified mediation statistics that you can store in your own warehouse, together with IAP performance data. New updates include:

•  Pre-calculated KPI’s such as eCPM and ARPDAU
•  In-depth performance data for each mediation partner
•  Flexibility to calculate custom metrics at any time

Now you can quickly create custom business reports that provide a holistic view of your monetization strategy. The valuable insights you gain will help drive additional revenue by enabling you to improve user experiences and engagement with ads.

Next Steps

Fyber provides a comprehensive migration guide with information on access credentials, detailed documentation, as well as useful best practice examples. To download the guide please click here.

As always, if you require additional assistance please reach out to your account manager today.

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