Introducing the FairBid Transparency Deck – our cards are on the table to tell your future, present, and past

Algorithm: an often intimidating word easily interchangeable with “magic” when it comes to discussions around mediation and how it works. While this is admittedly a key differentiator of a mediation layer, we’ve found that revealing the how leads to less interesting actions than revealing the why. When it comes to performance and the final show, understanding why the magician is showing the cards she does allows us to enjoy the performance as a whole rather than getting bogged down by the how, in an effort to recreate the magic ourselves. Transparency comes down to revealing the why and having the confidence to trust the magician to perform optimally. 


The importance of transparency with your monetization platform boils down to a foundation of trust, confidence, and long term growth. 


  1. Trust – the belief that your mediation platform has nothing to hide 
  2. Confidence – the assurance that your mediation platform has your best interest in mind
  3. Long term growth – open communication and exchange of information that naturally leads to growth over the course of a partnership rather than through a limited time deal  


Fyber FairBid’s Transparency Deck puts our cards on the table, revealing the why behind the magic. Our features hold FairBid accountable for delivery from prediction, to real-time, to historical lookbacks with three freshly dealt cards. 


Gaze into the future 

The Waterfall Visualization tool is conveniently accessible in the FairBid console and allows you to see the predicted order in which the algorithm will call your instances for a given placement, in a given country. In addition, and especially in light of industry changes where advertiser IDs are no longer available by default, this tool also allows you to see the predicted order of instance calling based on user tracking statuses (with and without IDFA/GAID). This takes the guesswork out of the order we think the algorithm will call instances and clearly showcases the algorithm’s plan to deliver in a given country and user tracking status availability.


Watch the magic, live 

The FairBid Test Suite recently received an update with FairBid SDK version 3.15+ that enables your developers to test your mediation setup on a per Placement level, calling for an ad in real-time and showing actual network responses for that ad request. In addition to being a quintessential QA tool for integration checks before going live with changes, the Test Suite helps you verify that the settings made for the Placement in your FairBid console result in your intended and expected behavior for a live ad request. In three simple taps you can run through a real ad request and see network responses and behavior – requesting, fill, no fill, instance timeout, and failure – to help explain why the winning demand source has served an ad for that opportunity. 


Hit rewind on that performance 

The Auction Audit, again conveniently available in your FairBid console, provides a lookback at logs for real auctions in the country of your choice for that Placement. On top of seeing the FairBid predictions through the Waterfall Visualization and a real-time ad call through the Test Suite, you can review the auction process, its technical flow, the participants, respondents, and the final auction outcome.


Together, this Transparency Deck provides full spectrum transparency from future, present, to past. This access to data helps you better understand why your mediation platform is delivering the way it is, enabling trust, confidence, and long-term growth. These features allow for visibility into planned behavior, true behavior, and past behavior for independent auditing purposes. Our cards are on the table so enjoy the show! 

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