Fyber Faces: Ting X. Lifts A Curtain On Account Management

We continue with Fyber Faces, our blog series that highlights members of the Fyber Nation that embody the company’s core values both on and off the job.

Just in time for ChinaJoy, we caught up with Ting Xu, our Sr. Account Manager for the APAC region. Ting hails from the Shandong Province in China (just a bit South of Beijing), and spent 5 years in the online and mobile gaming industry, before moving to Germany with her husband.

Fyber Faces Ting Xu
In this installment, Ting explains why the best account managers are curious, conversational, and calm under pressure. She also reveals what she misses most about being back home in China.

Q: How did you get started in mobile? And what brought your career to Germany?

In China, I studied marketing and German, and that led to some experience with mobile marketing (Facebook & AdWords for example). I really enjoyed that mobile was a dynamic and young industry, compared to the automotive industry which seemed to be full of men in suits. When I moved to Germany, I was looking for a company in the same field, and gladly joined the Fyber team.

Q: The APAC region leads the world when it comes to innovation and tech in mobile. How does that affect the marketing side of the business?

I believe that [mobile companies in] APAC are very fast in developing and jumping onto new ideas. They’re agile and flexible. Developers in APAC are also very good in doing the international research for their apps — because they really want to develop something that’s accessible to players all around the world.  

Q: You work as a Sr. Account Manager for APAC. What’s your day-to-day focus?

My focus is knowing what my account contacts want and need to be successful. I need to know all of their KPIs and analyze the data to optimize their campaigns. That means understanding things like what region they want to succeed in, what’s their target retention rate or ROI. ROI is very important for the Chinese clients.

Q: Any advice for someone considering an account management role in our industry?

Firstly, you NEED to have the communication skills. You should be able to talk to anybody and everybody — because you’ll do this day in, day out. You should also be a real problem solver, and able to react quickly to changing circumstances.

Data analysis is of paramount importance — this is what your support for accounts will be based on, so get ready to crunch some numbers. It’s also great to do well under pressure, and be ready to put in a weekend’s work sometimes.

Q: What are some differences you’ve experienced in the working cultures between Germany and China?

In China there is more flexibility and one is allowed to try out more risky approaches, especially if their actions drive revenue. In Germany, process is first and foremost. In the APAC region, building relationships is very important. It transcends a normal working environment and verges on close friendships.

You can even see that in account management because in APAC you have to be very cordial with your clients, and you will be expected to become friends with many of them. It’s a close-knit relationship that Europeans often find unusual in a working environment.

Q: What do you miss most from China living in Germany?

I would say food! In China, food is very diverse, there are so many influences from different regions. I really miss the delicacies.

Q: ChinaJoy is coming up. What excites you about conferences in China, and this one in particular?

Seeing my clients, of course. As I mentioned, we’ve become friends in the past year that I’ve been with Fyber and I can’t wait to meet them face-to-face.

I also think that the parties will be really exciting — China does it big, like hiring massive superstars to perform at events such as ChinaJoy.

Innovation-wise, ChinaJoy is huge for the APAC region. Everyone will be there showcasing the newest technologies, and you get to experience the newest and coolest gadgets. VR is definitely the buzzword this year, and I think Chinese developers are working hard to complete some VR games in time for the show. Very excited to try some out at ChinaJoy.

Find us at Booth W3 – B736 during China Joy to talk about all things monetization. And don’t miss our previous Fyber Faces interview with Sr. Product Manager Alberto Barcelos.

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