Openness, Transparency, and Facebook’s Native Partner Program

As one of the first monetization providers selected to join Facebook’s Audience Network Native Partner Program, we’ve gotten a few questions about what the partnership actually means, as well as how the program will ultimately benefit our developer and advertiser partners. 

Two words best reflect why we joined the program — Openness and Transparency — and we think there are major benefits for developers, advertisers, and the greater mobile ad ecosystem. Ross Barasch, our Sr. Director of Global Partnerships, shares our POV in this piece on Modern Marketing Xchange, but here’s a brief snippet:

[The Native Partner Program] benefits the broader ecosystem in three ways:

  • Makes it easy for advertisers and mobile developers to navigate the ad monetization landscape
  • Helps advertisers maximize ROI while simultaneously providing users with immersive and relevant advertising experiences
  • Allows developers to maximize revenue while providing a safe environment for brands and advertisers to reach their target audience

Ultimately, we believe transparent and demand-agnostic platforms support the entire mobile advertising value chain — and efforts like the Native Partner Program bolster and reward those platforms.

Be sure to check out the full piece on MMX. And for more information about the Native Partner Program, contact [email protected].  

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