User Acquisition: Mobile video could be your next best friend


The holiday season is prime for driving record app downloads, as millions of new devices are unwrapped by lucky new owners. For app developers, this is joyful as highly engaged mobile device owners are actively looking for cool and useful apps to populate their shiny new screens. Why not take advantage of this gold mine season?

Mobile video ads can be one of the most effective and engaging formats to acquire new, high-quality users. Why? Because video ads complement the user experience with short clips that showcase your app or gameplay in a way that static ad units can’t. Video also reaches a broad range of mobile users of all ages, across various languages, countries, and app genres.


Ready to enhance your user acquisition (UA) strategy? Download our whitepaper to kickstart your user acquisition with mobile video campaigns. We’ll take you through 10 best practices on how you can maximize your mobile video campaign performance and watch your user base grow. By following these tips, we’ve seen Fyber advertisers reach 3x higher retention rates and up to 140% ROI.

We’re happy to guide you through this holiday season so you can increase ROI and extract the most out of your campaigns. If you’d like to get strategic support for your UA strategy, don’t hesitate to contact your Fyber account manager or email us at [email protected].

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