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The SXSW PanelPicker is live, meaning now is the time to cast your vote for SponsorPay’s panel submission. As many of you know, SXSW holds the golden reputation of conferences in the tech world. As the world leader in value-exchange advertising, we’re proud to contribute ideas and be a part of the rich dialogue that defines this event. But before we pack our bags and head to Austin, Texas in March, we need your support. Voters have a 30 percent say in whether our panel is selected for the SXSW lineup, so we’re relying on your enthusiasm! Read our panel teaser below, cast your vote and don’t forget to check back in as we announce additional panelists and related content!

From rappers to app-addicts, the world is rushing headlong into a new era of digital transaction. Jay-Z broke tradition with his Samsung-sponsored early album release, promising half a million fans exclusive access to his music through an app download. Now, the wave of innovation behind the hype is about to surge. This trend is called value-exchange, and it extends far beyond the bounds of the music industry. Whether consumers are watching TV, playing games, reviewing restaurants, or walking into a store, the value-exchange model dictates that they get digital rewards for their quality engagement. SponsorPay leads the value-exchange movement in mobile games, while apps like Viggle, Wikets, and Shopkick have introduced the trend to entertainment, leisure, and retail. This panel will illuminate why value-exchange is mutually beneficial, sustainable, and defining consumer engagement in the post-recession world.

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