Welcoming Jim Schinella & Henrik Basten

We’re pleased to share today the appointment of two new members to Fyber’s leadership team: Jim Schinella as Chief Business Officer and Henrik Basten as Chief Technology Officer.

We are excited to welcome on board two executives who bring a wealth of experience to our organization. We truly believe that in order for Fyber to continue paving our way to become a leading full-stack supply side platform, it’s important to put the right people in the right positions – those who have worked in the industry before and have demonstrated a proven track record of success. With both Jim and Henrik, we feel that there could not be a better fit.

Henrik_Basten_FyberHenrik Basten, Fyber CTO

Previously serving as co-founder and CTO of Falk Realtime, a rapidly-growing ad tech company which Fyber acquired in April 2015, we felt that Henrik Basten was a natural fit to take the helm of Fyber’s technology team. During his time at Falk, Henrik was responsible for the development and strategy of the company’s platform. Prior to this, he served as Experian’s German Head of Technology and Operations, and as CTO and MD at United MailSolutions. At Fyber, Henrik will lead the end-to-end engineering and management of Fyber’s platform. We are confident that under his leadership, our team will continue to make strides in serving app developers, publishers, and advertisers with the most innovative advertising and monetization solutions available. Henrik will be based in Fyber’s Berlin headquarters, assuming the role from current CTO, Markus Knoke, who has been instrumental in successfully building out Fyber’s engineering infrastructure and resources over the past five years.

Jim Schinella CBO FyberJim Schinella, Fyber CBO

But of course, we know that the mission to build a strong technology must be matched with an unwavering service commitment to our clients, which is why we’re happy to welcome Jim on board to lead Fyber’s commercial business efforts. As Chief Business Officer, Jim Schinella joins Fyber with over twenty years of digital media experience. He will be based in Fyber’s San Francisco office, where the majority of publisher growth and strategic business development operations are based. Jim has served as a leader at numerous digital media companies, and his impressive portfolio includes managing Yahoo!’s Right Media Exchange and broadband business, as well as leading the affiliate search network and North American business development for the company. He also held business development and sales roles for AOL and Netscape, and was previously CEO and founder of Manilla.com, a bill management service funded by the Hearst Corporation. At Fyber, Jim’s primary focus will be to expand its global business and continue solidifying the company’s role as a leading mobile supply side platform for freemium applications and games.

We believe that the appointment of these two outstanding individuals to the Fyber leadership team demonstrates our serious commitment to further accelerating our technology, platform, and commercial partnerships as we continue to pave the way as a leading full-stack supply side platform. We are thrilled to welcome Jim and Henrik on board, and feel confident that they will help shape Fyber’s future and make solid contributions to take us to the next level.

Andreas Bodczek & Janis Zech
Co-founders, Fyber

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