We’re A Mobile-First Company, But Facebook Is Still Half Our Revenue, Says Wooga CEO


As part of an ongoing series, Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) – together with PocketGamer.biz – is running a number of interviews with C-level executives from key game developers and publishers about market trends and future opportunities.

This week, we spoke with Jens Begemann, the CEO and founder of Wooga. Begemann is enthusiastic about people, play and technology. Guiding a team of talented people to develop quality games of a social nature fulfills one of his lifelong ambitions. Before creating Wooga, he was chief product officer and member of the management board at Jamba (Jamster), where he aided the company in becoming a world leader in mobile entertainment products.


How does being both a developer and publisher affect Wooga’s business model and approach?

Jens Begemann: Our approach is about utilizing our experience and the established teams we have.

I think being a developer helps us to be a better publisher because we can speak from a great deal of experience. We treat an external game like an internal one, so the main challenge is finding developers and games that mirror our approach on developing high quality titles.

With a userbase of over 50 million players a month and recent games like Jelly Splash reaching the number 1 spot on the App Store in the United States, we have the ability and resources to make games a big success.

How was the process of diversifying Wooga’s revenue channels beyond Facebook? What prompted that decision?

Back in 2011, mobile was gaining a lot of traction. We decided that we would bring Diamond Dash to the iPhone and iPad and see how the market reacted. Facebook has always – and still is – growing so it was really about seeing what we could get out of this emerging platform.

The game ended up being a huge success and has had a huge effect on Wooga ever since in terms of organization. We’ve been a mobile-first company for a while now.

Learn more about Jens’ thoughts on Wooga’s international composition, “mindset change” in developing for mobile and approach to monetization here on PocketGamer.biz.

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