Why Mobile Video Is A Game Changer

Projjol Banerjea, our Director of Marketing, is a regular guest author on industry and marketing blogs. In his latest piece, he takes a closer look at video opportunities in mobile apps.

With smartphones sales pulling ahead those of PCs worldwide, mobile video too has begun to gather immense momentum. Mobile video viewers are doubling every year with Cisco forecasting video to consume 66% of total mobile data usage by 2013.

At the same time, smartphone owners are establishing themselves as avid gamers with more than 25% of users’ time spent in games (outside of phone calls), according to research by publisher PopCap.

These results are not necessarily contradictory. In fact, they reflect tremendous potential at the convergence of video and social games/apps on mobile devices.

To dive deeper into the topic, check out Projjol’s latest guest post on video marketing blog ReelSEO: Video Advertising and Mobile Apps – A Match Made in Heaven.

Video Advertising and Mobile Apps



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